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BOND. by nidra


1 capsule per day
  • Pack of 30/60 capsules (500 mg Ashwagandha Extract)
  • Pure Veg Capsule Cover
  • Prepared using traditional Ayurvedic technique
  • Reduced with Milk (not alcohol).
  • Weekly wellness feedback calls

Benefits of BOND.

  • Anxiety and Stress: BOND. controls stress by reducing the level of Stress hormone. It helps produce calmness, increased focus, and mental well-being.
  • Vitality: Helps improve vitality in males by modulating the stress response
  • Muscle Strength & Recovery: Improves muscle strength by increasing hormone levels in the body. It is helpful in faster recovery during exercise and physical activity.
  • Cognition: Improves cognitive function by facilitating choline production in the body. It also enhances the attention by decreasing the over-firing of neurons and increase the ability of the body to ignore distracting stimuli.

Usage Details (our Doctor will call you for instructions specific to your needs)

  • Dosage: – 1 tablet, after Dinner. For optimum results to be taken for 4 weeks at least.
  • Indications: Physical and mental stress, General Debility, Strain, Fatigue.
  • Helpful in chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Completely Ayurvedic – No side effects.
  • Verified Adaptogen (Research paper link).
  • Helpful in Stress disorders (especially arthritis, hypertension, diabetes).

Who should avoid BOND.

  • Pregnant woman.
  • Adults With an Autoimmune Disease.
  • Pregnant and Lactating woman
  • BOND. Might cure Diabetes. So those on Insulin are advised to maintain caution
  • People on Thyroid medication.


What is the use of BOND.?
Promotes general well-being. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen helping in achievement homeostasis, balancing the hormones, reducing the stress and improving the quality of sleep – thereby helping improve sense of well-being, alleviating depression, and reducing aches and pains making it more manageable and hopeful of life in general.

  • Decrease in Stress/Anxiety/Depression promoting better Sleep
  • Increase in Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Increase in Testosterone Levels
  • Increases Fertility and Sperm Count
  • Improved Brain Function

How much quantity should I take?
One tablet before sleep – preferably with milk or after dinner.

Is there any side effect?
BOND. is completely Ayurvedic. It has no chemical side effects. Ashwagandha is known to cause stomach irritation for users with gastritis, but our process(milk reduction) ensures that this does not happen. Pregnant women are advised not to take the tablet.

13 reviews for BOND. by nidra

  1. Mahesh Babu

    First of all the packing was so good and is working well for Stress relief burning bad cholesterol, supporting Sperm thickness and also mood enhancement with best price, Product is so pure consume morning and night after taking food followed by pure milk… best for routine use… No side effect !!!

  2. Shweta Patil

    I started taking BOND. once a day about 7 days ago and have noticed a huge decrease in stress and increase in focus productivity.

  3. Vinod D

    Excellent product for reducing stress and cortisol levels. Have recommended it to several of my patients.

  4. Rishi M

    If you don’t get proper sleep, try this… It’s natural and safe.. n will relax your mind and body… it will Rectify your sleep disorders.

  5. Vijay Kumar

    Good one. No bitter taste as these are Get nidra Bond capsules. I can see changes in myself like increased focus and strength after taking Get nidra Bond for atleast a month.

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BOND. by nidra

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