Symptoms of Sleep Disorders

Symptoms of Sleep Disorders

Sleep is a complex biological process during which you are unconscious, but your brain and body perform all the functions.

They are doing a number of important functions that help you stay healthy and work efficiently. So when you don’t get good and enough sleep, it affects you more than just making you feel tired. It can affect your physical and mental health, thinking, and day-to-day activities. Sleep disorders are such conditions wherein the normal sleep patterns get affected and disrupt the normal functioning of your body too.

To treat sleep disorders, it is essential to first find whether you are suffering from sleep disorders or not. There are various symptoms of sleep disorders. The symptoms of sleep disorders completely rely upon the type of specific disorder. Some signs that suggest that you may have a sleep disorder are:

  1. You take more than 30 minutes every night to fall asleep on a daily basis. You keep jostling in the bed trying to sleep but don’t tend to achieve it until you pass almost 30 mins of time every day before you fall asleep.
  2. You always wake up several times in the night and then have trouble falling back to sleep. You struggle hard to sleep but it seems to be a difficult task for you in the night. You also wake up too early in the morning every day and feel tired. You may not feel active to carry on the day-to-day activities.
  3. You feel sleepy during the day very often. You keep taking frequent naps in the day or fall asleep at the wrong times during the day.
  4. Your partner keeps complaining that when you sleep, you snore loudly, snort, gasp, make choking sounds, or stop breathing for short periods of time. Such sounds made by you can be very loud and disturbing to others as well.
  5. You have absurd creeping, tingling, or crawling feelings in your legs or arms. You are relieved by moving or massaging them, especially in the evening and when trying to fall asleep. You feel better when moving your leg or arm while falling asleep which is also called restless leg syndrome.
  6. Your partner notices and states that your legs or arms jerk often during sleep. You may not be conscious of it at all. Your hands and legs make the jerk movement suddenly all by themselves.
  7. You have very clear but dreamlike experiences while falling asleep or dozing. These vivid experiences further create confusion in your mind.
  8. You experience sudden muscle weakness when you are angry or fearful, or when you laugh. Sleeplessness or sleep disorder also affects your muscles and makes them susceptible to weakness.
  9. You feel as if your body is stuck and you cannot move when you first wake up. The whole body feels stiff and you have to make a conscious effort to move your body.

These symptoms of sleep disorders help you to identify the problem. Finding the problem at the initial stage is essential to treat it properly. Once you find that you are suffering from a sleep disorder, you should seek the help of a doctor to get diagnosed for the type of the disorder and get treated effectively.

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