Rare Sleep Disorders

Rare Sleep Disorders

Sleep is essential for the body as it is that part of the day wherein we allow our bodies and minds to relax and repair themselves so that they get ready to face the next day challenges. However, some people suffer from lack of sleep also known as sleep disorders. There are many types of sleep disorders, almost around 80 types of sleep disorders. Amongst them, a few are considered as the most dangerous or bizarre sleep disorders which can turn fatal too.

The FIVE terrifying and strange sleep disorders are:

  • Klein-Levin Syndrome (KLS): Each one of us always wishes to catch up with some extra sleep on some days or maybe on a daily basis. It is because we want to catch up with the lost sleep or simply wish to sleep little more. However, the KLS sleep disorder is bizarre as under its influence a person can sleep continuously for almost 23 hours of a day for up to 3 consecutive weeks. It doesn’t sound so good, isn’t it? This syndrome mostly affects young males around 15 years of age. During this phase, the sufferers sleep nearly entire days for several days to weeks at one go. During such periods of sleep, it is very difficult to wake them up. And when they do wake, they often exhibit unusual and excessive behaviours such as binge eating, compulsive behaviours, heightened sex drive, confusion, apathy, hallucinations, and sometimes childlike behaviours. Not much is known about the cause of this disorder, but people believe that some infection causes it.
  • Sleep Paralysis: During sleep, our organs are active and perform some important functions. The brain also causes dreams during the REM period when there is rapid eye movement. However, to stop other organs to react to the dreams, our body enters into the NREM phase where there is no rapid eye movement and our body seems to be in paralyzed position. Suddenly, when someone wakes up during NREM status, they will not be able to move their body at all or talk. Further, they will be able to see their dream visions as hallucinations which are all the more frightening. Sleep paralysis is very common. 50% of people experiences sleep paralysis at least once in their lifetime.
  • REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder: This disorder is considered the opposite of sleep paralysis. In this disorder, the body doesn’t become paralyzed during sleep and allows people to do what they dream. This disorder is frightening and dangerous if the dreams are violent. People will start shouting, kicking, jumping out of bed, and even running during this phase. This disorder can cause injury to the person suffering from it and also to the people who sleep along with such persons. The REM sleep behaviour disorder leads to many neurological diseases too.
  • Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS): This syndrome is also typical in nature. People suffering from it will be startled awake from sleep just as they enter into sleep by loud noises, gunshots, banging of the door, etc. So literally no one’s head is getting exploded, it is the noises that awake the person. Sometimes, they even experience bright flashlight along with loud sounds. This sleep disorder is rather harmless but it can lead to people fearing to sleep because of the anxiety created by waking up imaging such loud noises. It can lead to other sleep disorders.
  • Fatal Familial Insomnia: As the name suggests, this disorder is quite dangerous. It starts with one night of sleeplessness and gradually increases to the person failing to sleep at all within a few months. The associated problems like blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature issues arise and lead to the death of the person who fails to sleep due to this disorder. This condition is not treatable and can last from 6 months to 3 years leading the patient to coma and death with average survival span of 18 months.


1: What are rare sleep disorders?

There are many types of sleep disorders, almost around 80 types of sleep disorders. Amongst them, a few are considered as the most dangerous or bizarre sleep disorders which can turn fatal too. They are considered rare as only some people suffer with such disorders.

2: Effects of Rare Sleep Disorders

Different types of rare sleep disorders exist and each one of it has different effect on people suffering from it. Some ranges from getting frightened to getting fatal in adverse cases.

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