Everyone experiences nervousness at some point. It feels like a combination of fear, anxiety and excitement at the same time.

Nervousness is a general feeling that is caused by the stress response of your body. This involves a series of hormonal and physiological reactions that prepare you for dealing with a perceived or imagined threat.

Stress is often the cause of nervousness. There has been something that has caused you to suffer from high stress, and you often feel that you do not really know how to solve it.

Stress is often the cause of a nervous feeling, it is useful to cope with this stress. You will notice that your nervous feeling wears off when you work on your stress level.

Difference Between Nervousness & Anxiety

Nervousness is a general feeling that is caused by the stress response of your body. Everyone experiences nervousness in their lives at the same time. It’s not unusual to hear someone saying, “This scares me!” When he experiences something that makes him nervous or uncomfortable.

Now comes the question “How is nervousness different from an anxiety disorder?”

Feeling nervous and having an anxiety disorder are two very different things. Nervousness is a natural reaction to a stressful event. It is temporary and will be dissolved when the stress is over. It can be controlled, even if you are someone who is more prone to nervous feelings.

Although nervousness is a common symptom of anxiety disorders, it is not
the same.

Anxiety disorders are psychiatric disorders that develop from a number of complex factors such as genetics, brain chemistry, and life events. Anxiety disorders are long-lasting and uncontrollable without treatment.

Anxiety disorders characterized by excessive anxiety or anxiety can affect a person’s ability to work. According to the American Psychiatric Association, Anxiety affects nearly a third of adults at some point in their lives.

People with anxiety disorder often have a lot of nervousness or worry. These feelings can occur frequently and without obvious stress.

People also experience a range of pronounced physical and mental symptoms that affect their ability to function.


1: Can the symptoms of anxiety be treated?

Yes, the symptoms of anxiety can be treated.

2: What can you do to overcome the nervousness?

With the following tips and a little practice, you can learn how to keep your nerves from defeating you.

Do not be afraid of nervousness: In an uncomfortable situation, remember that nervousness is normal and can even be helpful.

Be prepared: It is recommended to prepare in advance for your upcoming work and social situations.
These include:

  • accompany a friend or loved one to an event or appointment
  • Practice for a scheduled work presentation or meeting
  • This gives you more time to prepare for work, appointments or other social events

Try a relaxation technique:
Learning to relax is important in order to overcome nervousness and cope with stress.

Talk to someone:
Call your mother, your best friend, or anyone else you trust.

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